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Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Group Research Internships (Psyc 399 at Metropolitan State)
     Check the online course schedule each term, usually one or more sections are offered.  Each section differs, recent offerings
      have included: (a) work in the Psychology Lab and (b) research in applied social psychology.  Students must have instructor
      approval PRIOR TO REGISTRATION as each experience has prerequisites.
       Click here for sections taught by Mark Stasson 

       E-mail Kerry Kleyman for information about interning in the psychology lab (NM L202)

Individualized Research Internships at Metropolitan State

     These are arranged individually between student and faculty member.  These internships are NOT listed in the course schedule.
      If interested, approach a faculty member with an idea about an area of research that you would like to pursue. Students should
      complete PSYC 312 Research Methods as a prerequisite.  The student arranges an agreement regarding a suitable research
      project and assessment criteria, then registration is done through a Student-Designed Independent Study (SDIS).
      Students may approach any faculty member -- the individuals listed below have worked with students in the past.
           Kerry Kleyman (Social Psychology; Cultural Psychology)
           Caitlin Mahoney (Social Psychology, Peace & Conflict)

           Kelly Hazel (Community Psychology)
           Kim Halvorson (Cognitive Psychology)
           August Hoffman (Community Psychology)
           Mark Stasson (Social Psychology; Organizational Psychology; some aspects of Personality & Individual Differences)
Graduate Student Research Internships or Thesis Projects
      Students in the Psychology M.A. Program  carry out thesis projects under the supervision of resident and/or community faculty members.
      In addition, students may do a research-based internship (if desired).  Details are available from the M.A. Program Coordinator.

Do you have completed research or research in progresss?  Share your Results with others!  
      A key part of the research process is sharing (or disseminating) your results -- research is not useful unless others find out about it.
      There are opportunities for students  to present or publish their research
 (click here for link).  
      Few students disseminate research findings, so doing so can make one a competeitve applicant in the graduate school and employment markets.

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