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A Sample of Recent Published Papers

    Spielmans, G. I., Thielges, S. A., Dent, A. L., & Greenberg, R. P. (2008). The accuracy of psychiatric medication advertisements in medical journals.  Journal
of Nervous and Mental Disease, 196
, 267-273.

    Masters, K S. & Spielmans, G. I. (2007).  Prayer and health: Review, meta-analysis, and research agenda.  Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 30, 329-338.

    Spielmans, G. I., Pasek, L. F., & McFall, J. P. (2007).  What are the active ingredients in cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy for anxious and depressed
children? A meta-analytic review   Clinical Psychology Review, 27, 642-654.

    Hoffman, A. J., Morales Knight, L. F., & Wallach, J. (2007). Gardening activities, education, and self-esteem: Learning outside the classroom. Urban Education,
, 403-411.

    Hoffman, A. J., & Wallach, J. (2007).  The effects of media bias.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 37, 616-630.

    Mohatt, G. V., Rasmus, S. M., Thomas, L., Allen, J., Hazel, K., & Marlatt, G. A. (2007).  Risk, resilience, and natural recovery: A model of recovery from
alcohol abuse for Alaska natives.  Addiction, 103, 205-215.

    Allen, J., Mohatt, G. V., Rasmus, S. M., Hazel, K. L., Thomas, L., Lindley, S., & PA Team (2006).  The Tools to Understand: Community as Co-Researcher
on Culture-Specific Protective Factors for Alaska Natives. Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community, 32, 41-59.

    Story, P., Hart, J. W., & Stasson, M. F. (2009).  Using a two-factor theory of achievement motivation to examine performance-based outcomes and self-regulatory
processes.  Personality and Individual Differences, 46, 391-395.

    Hart, J. W., Stasson, M. F., Fulcher, K. H., & Mahoney, J. M. (2008).  Assessing achievement motivation as a multi-faceted construct: Examining the psychometric
properties of the Cassidy and Lynn achievement motivation scale. Individual Differences Research, 6, 169-180

    Hart, J. W., Stasson, M. F., Mahoney, J. M., & Story, P.  (2007). The big five personality traits and achievement motivation: Exploring the relationship between
personality and a two-factor model of motivation.  Individual Differences Research, 5, 267-274. 

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